Today is my second quarantine birthday (yay, I guess), which I am using as an excuse to take a week off from publishing the newsletter while prep for my Sourdough Crash Course this weekend. (I’ll be skipping the Friday Bread Basket to make doughs for it as well.)

All is not lost, however, because if you are a Wordloaf subscriber, I have not one but two treats for you. First off, there’s a recipe for the sourdough “bisclava” that I shared on Instagram yesterday. ICYMI, it is a sourdough version of my flaky biscuit recipe, married to a baklava filling and topping. (Instructions for making a "plain sourdough flaky biscuit are also included.)

Secondly, I included a link in that post that will take you to the handout for my sourdough class, which you might find useful even if you aren’t signed up for the class. (It’s shaping up to be a pretty handy sourdough-baking reference guide, some version of which might just make its way into print form someday.)

If you aren’t yet a Wordloaf subscriber, I can think of no better time than now to sign up!

Either way, see you all in a week.