Recipe: Cranberry-Pecan Sourdough

December Holiday Breads Preview

Now that Pizzember is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about our holiday bread baking. Which is why I’m going to spend the first few weeks of December sharing some new holiday loaf recipes. I’m still working on the lineup, but it will likely include a chocolate-cherry sourdough and a somewhat unorthodox version of stollen. And it will definitely will include the cranberry-pecan sourdough pictured above.

I’ll probably share it with everyone sometime in December, but anyone with a paid subscription (or who signs up for one) can have it right away, in case they want to make it for this week’s holiday.

I’ve already discussed my love for tannins and the deep-purple color they can lend to bread, so I’ll let you read more about all that on that post. This time around we are using pecans as the tannin source, rather than walnuts.


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