Monday Morning Open Thread: Favorite 🍕🍕 Joints


I went to college at Columbia University, in New York’s Morningside Heights, where my local pizza joint was a place called Koronet Pizza. Koronet is famous for a NYC slice that is, square-inch-wise, as big as your average complete pie from other spots:

In the olden days when I was an undergrad, a Koronet slice was $1, making it a bargain for a college student on a budget (at $4.50 a pop now, it’s still a pretty good deal). The Koronet slice isn’t amazing, by any stretch, but it’s still pretty solid stuff, and I ate the hell out of it when I lived nearby.

For today’s Monday Morning Open Thread, why don’t we all share the details of our favorite pizza joints, fancy, quotidian, or otherwise. Add links if you have them!