Monday Morning Open Thread: 1/11/21

Loaf Loves

Welcome to this week’s Open Thread. I thought we should use this week to talk about our bread successes. Tell us about your favorite loaves, your go-to breads, the ones that you have mastered and are now in regular rotation.

I’m asking in part because I’m looking for a little inspiration myself. I haven’t baked a proper loaf of sourdough bread in awhile now (I’ve been busy making rye-based cookies for an Edible Boston story), and I want motivation to get back at it. You of course are welcome to share your enthusiasm for the recipes I’ve posted here, but I’d also love to hear about loaves from others or of your own invention.

Looking forward to hearing about your faves!


Ps. While I will provide prompts for each week’s open thread, you should not feel obligated to stick to the theme. “Open” means just that: feel free to share or ask whatever you like here.