Friday Bread Basket 6/25/21

Continuing Education Edition

Just a quick one this week, as I am getting ready to teach my Bar Pizza class on Friday evening. I do have two links to some upcoming online classes that I think you might want to sign up for.

Farrell Monaco: For Leaven’s Sake – June 26/July 3

This two-day class starts tomorrow, so don’t dawdle if you are interested in it. Bread baker and culinary archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, of Tavola Mediterranea, is teaching a class on ancient Roman baking:

Did you know that ancient Romans made both leavened and unleavened breads? Did you know that Roman bakers created their own bread starters using a variety of different ingredients… including legumes? Did you know that some scholars believe that Romans arrived late to the bread-baking party?! As featured in this month’s issue of National Geographic, join award-winning culinary archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, for a sensory journey into the world of Roman breads and baking. This month, The Old School Kitchen presents an exclusive two-part class devoted to making bread starters and leavened breads in ancient Rome, on June 26th and July 3rd!

-> Farrell Monaco: For Leaven’s Sake

Lexie Smith: Intuitive Bread Making: decentralizing and re-centering our dough

And artist and baker Lexie Smith (aka Bread on Earth / @bread_on_earth) is teaching a class on July 7 that would make an excellent companion piece to Farrell’s:

In this knowledge share we’ll chart a meandering history of grain and bread and touch on various points of their dense webs of social and ecological relationships, drawing a picture of how we’ve become detached from this symbol of the human body and spirit, and making a case for returning to it. Because bread making is often something that no longer takes place in the home, it’s seen as a foreign process by many -- one that must be guided by either tools and technology or a masterful teacher. Our goal is to channel that faith, which so often lands in the hands of companies or technology, towards our own intuitive knowledge by expanding our understanding of the material, from seed to loaf.

-> Intuitive Bread Making: decentralizing and re-centering our dough

Have a peaceful weekend, everyone. See you next week!