Friday Bread Basket 5/6/21

This week’s bread basket is a quick one, as I am working to finish up a few big freelance writing projects this week. There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel of work I have been in since the beginning of the year, and I can’t wait to devote some the free time to projects I have had in store for this newsletter.

Speaking of freelance work, did you see my new Epicurious story on the flavor potential of fresh flour, which dropped a few days ago? It includes quotes from some of my favorite bread-and-flour folks—Jess Wagoner, Kerry Hanney, and Dr. Steve Jones.

I’m doing a follow-up story for them on the hows and whys of milling flour at home for bread, and would love to get some quotes from home bakers who mill their own flour. If you think you’d like to contribute, please email me and we can chat.

Also: a couple of quick announcements about Airsubs classes. I have another session of my Sourdough Lifestyle class coming up on Sunday, May 17. If you are looking to improve/troubleshoot your sourdough technique and/or sort out how to bake sourdough regularly within an already busy schedule, this is the class for you. There’s currently only 18 people signed up, so it should be a nice intimate group, and I hope you’ll consider joining us.

I’m also planning to try something new starting (I think) in June: a regular monthly Airsubs bake-along/virtual pizza party. Each month will feature a different pizza recipe (paired with an easy salad or side dish) that we will bake together in real time. The launch of that series will coincide with a separate pizza in the home oven deep-dive class that will focus on the skills and tools one needs to make great pizza at home. Stay tuned for both to go on the calendar soon, and let me know if you think you’d be interested in them. (If you are down for the pizza party idea, tell me which day of the week would work best. I was thinking about doing it on the first Friday of every month, or something along those lines.)

Saint Bread

I am a sucker for 60s-era psychedelic rock posters and art, which is why I love the promotional posters created for new Seattle-area bakery and community center Saint Bread.

They also have this amazing stained glass window:

Can’t wait to visit there someday soon and see it in person.

Good Tweets

That’s it for this week’s bread basket. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend, see you all next week.