Friday Bread Basket 2/26/21

Lightning round

This week’s Friday Bread Basket is a bit of a breathless link dump, both because I took a week off last week and because it’s been generally a busy news time in the bread world, for whatever reason, so I have a backlog of links to share.

Last Tuesday was Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, the day before the start of Lent). Our Flour Ambassador, Amy Halloran, not surprisingly, penned a paean to pancakes (a paencake?) for her newsletter, Dear Bread. (link)

Perhaps relatedly, and also maybe because it’s Black History Month, February was when the brand formerly known as Aunt Jemima revealed its new name, The Pearl Milling Company. (link)

The wonderful newsletter (and podcast) Smart Mouth has a short-but-sweet story about Russians and their Rye bread in this week’s free edition (alongside a bit of pancake-day-related humor). (link)

The excellent beer, wine, & cider magazine Pellicle published an exhaustive, funny, and fascinating exploration of all the words used in the United Kingdom to refer to bread “rolls”, and it is a long list. (link)

And then there is this Tumblr thread that aligns the characters of the Star Wars universe with various forms of toast. (link)

Finally, there is this poem by Dennis Camire, entitled Upon Hearing that “Bread is the Way Sun Enters Our Body. (link)

That’s it for this week’s Bread Basket. Have a peaceful weekend, see you all next week.