A quick housekeeping update

and another class!

I just wanted to send out a quick extra email today to everyone with some updates and a gentle reminder.

First of all, I was blown away by the response to my 3/27 Sourdough Crash Course, which filled up in a matter of hours. I really had no idea that it would fill so quickly, so my apologies to those who wanted to partake and could not. I did expand the numbers to 60 just now, so there might be a few slots remaining if you head over there quickly enough.

I also added another “section” of the same class, happening on Sunday 4/25. Until have a good sense of the work involved, I’m going to limit myself to one class per month. Which means that pizza and other classes are going to have to wait until May, I’m afraid. My goal will be to at least do twice that many.

Wordloaf @ Airsubs

Regarding classes and other such events, I don’t want to spam all 6,000 of you with updates here every time I have news. I’ll still mention such news in the course of my regular emails, but I decided to create a separate email list for updates and announcements that will go out about once or twice a month (more often if there are scheduling changes that I need to share). It’s bare-bones right now, but if you are interested interested in getting news about these things right away, you can add your name to the list here:

Wordloaf Announcement List

Finally, I did want to once again encourage you all to—whenever possible—respond to my emails in a comment on the post, rather than by replying directly to me in an email. It’s much easier to keep track of post comments than emails, and with nearly 6,000 Wordloaf readers at this point, it’s very hard to respond directly to every email I get, though I assure you I do try.

Obviously there are many occasions where a direct email makes more sense than a public reply. In those cases, by all means, just reply. If you do not hear back from me in a timely manner, feel free to follow up with another email, it probably just got lost in the backlog.

Okay, that’s it for now, see you all on Wednesday, when I’ll have an email all about loving your levain.